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As you may already know, garage doors can be quite pricey if you need to replace yours. But there is no reason to spend the money to replace an entire residential garage door if you only have a dent on some of the panels but not all. If you plan on replacing panels rather than the entire door you will want to check on a few things to make sure you are getting exactly what you need.

  • Check your Warranty: Most garage doors come with some type of warranty. Depending on the company and brand of the door, you will have some type of warranty, maybe even a lifetime warranty. The garage door service should be completely protected under this warranty. Also, you should check what will be more cost effective. Depending on the type of door you own, it may actually be cheaper to replace the entire door rather than just a panel or two. You can find out all of this information by checking on the paperwork that came with the door or calling the company that helped install it.
  • Check your Manufacturer: If you need to replace pieces of your garage door you should check if the manufacturing company is still in business. If the company is still in business then finding replacement parts should be very easy. You can either call the company directly or go to any local hardware store. If the company is out of business it may be a little more difficult. You may be able to find parts on auction websites or at some hardware stores. If your door is over fifteen years old, you may want to consider replacing the door completely.
  • Check your Material: Today, many garage doors are made from inexpensive fiberboard. This may seem strange, but this material can last a long time. The only problem is that if water seeps into the door it will then swell and become weak, possibly even sponge like. If this happens you should be able to find a replacement panel in a similar fiberglass at a local hardware store. If you do not want to worry about this happening again to this particular panel you can replace it with a different material. A very common one is a smooth surfaced piece of plywood.

Once you have found the correct panel for your garage door, you should be able to break the old piece out and slide the new one right into place. There are some Indianapolis garage doors that are a little more difficult to fix though. Rather than wasting time and possibly ruining your garage door beyond repair, we suggest calling a handyman in your area.